The (completely fabricated) Haunting in Connecticut

August 03, 2009 | | Comments 2

Well – once again, Hollywood has taken a perfectly scary “true” story and gone over the top with it. The original story of “The Haunting in Conneciticut” as it was presented on the Discovery Channel as A Haunting in Connecticut
was creepy enough. Although reports have it that the neighbors claimed it never happened; the current residents are only annoyed by the haunting of the curious tourists snapping photos and peering in their windows; and the original family has been “unavailable for comment”, it’s still chilly when being told around a campfire or candlelit parlor on a dark and stormy night.
Finally had a chance to watch the new film on DVD and what a let down. Only the basic premise of the family moving into the former mortuary remains the same. Guess that was enough to allow them to claim “based on a true story”. The rest is so much horse-shxt, it’s just plain silly. Anyone with the intentions of getting a really good ghost story will be sorely disappointed. This is more about over the top effects, gross outs, and cheap jolts. The story veers off quickly to feature a back story about the former residents who dabbled in seances (filled with ectoplasm) and necromancy. Corpses falling out of walls and a massive fire lead to a ridiculously laughable rescue. No mention is even made of the intervention of renowned paranormal investigators, Edward and Lorraine Warren. Oscar nominee Virginia Madsen should be ashamed. (Guess a girl’s gotta work…) We say “Skip it”. And sorry for featuring the DVD on the home page. Who knew?

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  1. Robert says:

    I’m a pretty big skeptic and this movie did nothing to convince me that anything supernatural happened in that house. As a film it was barely scary. As insight to paranormal phenomena, it was simplistic and childishly moralizing. I didn’t believe in ghosts or haunted houses before and this movie didn’t sway me in the way that the original Exorcist did. (Then again, that movie is a brilliant classic! I’m not sure nay film will ever be able to touch it.)
    For a good scare (and great fun) I prefer The Orphan.

  2. dee willis says:

    I so agree. “Hollywood” went over the top with this one. What could have been a very scary based on true story was more of a WTF, are you serious? Bodies in the wall falling over?
    The fact that the demon was replaced by the spirit of a dead boy was a bad decision as well. Movies need to go back to the basics, see why the excorcist was so scary! You don’t need over the top special effects, the true story was scary, but not this crap Hollywood gave us.

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