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John Carpenter’s Halloween at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

For those of you who live in the Los Angeles area and are looking for something spooky to do on Halloween – what could be spookier than a screening of the original John Carpenter classic at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery? According to their website, they recommend that you “Come in costume, cuddle up with a [...]

Paranormal Activity – Paranormally Phenomenal!

Couldn’t be happier to report – along with everyone from the L.A. Times on down the line – that Paranormal Activity kicked butt at the boxoffice again this weekend. The film takes it’s cue from great horror films of the past by not relying on gore to create an almost unbearable air of suspense and [...]

Unconventional Team Provokes the Supernatural on A&E TV Specials – EXTREME PARANORMAL

As PARANORMAL ACTIVITY jolts movie-goers AND the boxoffice, and following the announcement that CELEBRITY GHOST STORIES was the most watched series premiere in BIO’s history, A&E launches two original one hour EXTREME PARANORMAL specials. According to the press release – determined to find the truth behind local legends, curses and hauntings, the trio of Shaun, [...]

Combat Magician GRAVEL takes to the Big Screen

The Hollywood Reporter and Variety are reporting that Warren Ellis’ comic book property Gravel published by Avatar Press is being developed for the big screen by Legendary Pictures. The occult themed ongoing series revolves around the character Wiliam Gravel, a soldier in the British S.A.S. who uses his dark magic to battle supernatural beings for [...]

The Unusual – closer than you think….

Very cool and creepy promo vid for Syfy. Enjoy!

Legion of Monsters! A Review

Back in the first half of the 1970s, Marvel Comics took advantage of loosening Comic Code Authority restrictions and jumped on to the paranormal craze sweeping the country. This was the age of The Exorcist and Marvel made their own deal with the devil (and the mummy and the werewolf and the vampire). It was [...]