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It’s a SCREAM! That’s SPIKE TV’s 2009 Scream Award nominations, anyway.

SPIKE TV ANNOUNCES NOMINEES FOR “SCREAM 2009″ – “STAR TREK” TOPS LIST WITH 17 NOMINATIONS 4th Annual Global Event Honoring The Blockbuster, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and Comic Book Genres of the Year Tapes Saturday, October 17 At The Greek Theater In Los Angeles “SCREAM 2009″ Nominees Chosen By Advisory Board of Hollywood And Genre Leaders [...]

See Mystery Lights … and dance!

I discovered this little musical gem while I was poking around on Amazon and thought I would share it with my paranormal pals out there. Alt-Art rockers Yacht bring us their latest offering See Mystery Lights which is filled with head bobbing tunes like “The Afterlife,” “Psychic City (Voodoo City),” “Don’t Fight the Darkness,” along [...]

Trailer launch! Grand Daddy of Cryptozoology films returns. THE WOLFMAN!

Long before there were myths of the chupacabra there was the legend of the Wolfman! Well – according to Universal Pictures, anyway. Yep, the hairy man-beast that haunted adolescent fantasies way back when the Universal monsters stalked the planet is returning to the big screen starring Benecio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt and Hugo [...]

Original Flavor GHOST HUNTERS returns!

Following the close last week of the Summer season of GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL, the show that started the “Ghost Hunters” dynasty on SyFy returns on Wednesday, August 19th with all new episodes. SyFy has provided some interesting behind-the-scenes clips and interviews with the TAPS gang. Enjoy and let us know what you think of the [...]

Bryan Singer and the End of the World

Word has it that Bryan Singer is returning to SyFy (formerly SciFi) to work on a project along the lines of “The DaVinci Code” and “National Treasure”.  The action-adventure story will will be a limited-series (like his previous contribution to SciFi “The Triangle” about the Mayan calendar predicting the end of the world.  Singer was quoted [...]

Double-take – Twin Mystery in India

Like a page out of “Ripley’s Believe it or Not,” Reuter’s is reporting that the small village of Kodinji in rural India has doctors baffled over the more than 204 sets of twins in a population of only 2000 families. The village averages 45 twins per 1000 live births, and women who leave the village [...]

The Horror of “The Orphan” and “The Orphanage” spawn more Terror!

Industry trades today are reporting two upcoming productions in the horror genre. New Line has signed actor-producer-director Larry Fessenden to take on directing duties on the remake of Guillermo del Toro’s frightening (Spanish language) supernatural thriller The Orphanage. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the original, it’s a must (and currently available [...]

Supernatural Drama opens 2nd Annual L.A. Irish Film Festival

It has been announced that the supernatural themed “The Eclipse” will open the 2nd annual L.A. Irish Film Festival. The film directed by Conor McPherson and starring Ciaran Hindes and Aidan Quinn previously played in competition on April 24, 2009 at the Tribeca Film Festival. Doris Toumarkine of the Hollywood Reporter reviewed the film positively, [...]

The (completely fabricated) Haunting in Connecticut

Well – once again, Hollywood has taken a perfectly scary “true” story and gone over the top with it. The original story of “The Haunting in Conneciticut” as it was presented on the Discovery Channel as A Haunting in Connecticut was creepy enough. Although reports have it that the neighbors claimed it never happened; the [...]