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“Alien” Gets a Reboot

Variety is reporting that those nasty “Aliens” that have been terrorizing the universe since Ridley Scott introduced them back in 1979 are back for a reboot of the film franchise following two tepid “Aliens Vs. Predators” films that sent the entire series off the rails. The good news is that genius filmmaker Ridley Scott is [...]

Haunting at the “World’s Strangest House”?

News 14 in Charlotte, N.C. is reporting that the self-proclaimed “Worlds Strangest House” aka Korner’s Folly in Kernerville, N.C.  has been declared not only strange but haunted by the Southern Paranormal and Anomaly Research Society (SPARS).  A seven hour investigation followed by weeks of combing through evidence convinced the group that “there is more to the [...]

Paranoia, Mental Manipulation and the Mother of all Conspiracy TV Shows

Just back from Comic-Con where AMC was heavily promoting a new version of the classic 60’s TV show, “The Prisoner”.  Time will tell if this new version can live up to the original which came at a time when government paranoia was blossoming. But, given recent events, in the words of Shirley Bassey and The [...]

You’re about to unlock a door….

Lean into your computer and join us in exploring the worlds of the supernatural and the unexplained. Ghosts and hauntings, cryptozoology, mysterious locations, alternate dimensions, psychics and mediums, mentalism, precognition, spiritualism, secret societies, conspiracy theories, ancient mysteries..well, the possibilities go on and on. Additionally, as we are based in Los Angeles – home to the [...]

Strange Locations

We’ve found the ultimate website for strange locations. Planning a vacation and looking for somehing..uh…unusual? Check out the Atlas Obscura, the Wikipedia of strange locations.

New DVD Release

Based on a chilling true story that was presented on the Discovery Channel a couple of years ago as A Haunting in Connecticut (also available on DVD), Lionsgate’s The Haunting in Connecticut (Single-Disc Edition) charts one family’s terrifying, real-life encounter with the dark forces of the supernatural.